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An electronic platform that enables you to ship to all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries


We are committed to providing reliable and efficient freight brokerage services to facilitate the transportation of goods with superior customer service. Our mission is to bridge the gap between online stores and shipping companies by providing a bridge of trust, respect and support. Our team of experienced logistics professionals is committed to providing high quality and efficient services.

For online stores and shipping companies By leveraging our expertise, resources and commitment to excellence, we strive to create a seamless process for our customers and help them maximize their transportation and logistics operations.

نحن ملتزمون بتوفير خدمات وساطة شحن عاليةالجودة وفعالة وفعالة من حيث التكلفة بين المتاجر عبر الإنترنت وشركات الشحن. نسعى جاهدين لضمان أن تكونخدماتنا موثوقة وفعالة وآمنة ، بالإضافة  إلى تلبية احتياجات عملائنا. مهمتنا هي تقديم خدمة ممتازة لعملائنا وشركائنا ، مع ممارسة الممارسات التجارية الأخلاقية والمسؤولة دائمًا. سنسعى جاهدين للاستمرار في أن نكون وسيط الشحن الرائد في الصناعة ،ونقدم أفضل قيمة لعملائنا.سنبحث باستمرار عن طرق لتحسين خدماتنا وتقنياتنا وعملياتنا من أجل تقديم أفضل الحلول الممكنة لعملائنا.

Gotex offers a full range of services that enable companies of all sizes to manage their logistics operations with ease and efficiency. Our flexible platform allows you to seamlessly integrate and manage your logistics operations, from inventory to delivery. We offer advanced analytics, real-time tracking and monitoring, and customer care support.

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, our advanced analytics and optimization tools will help you reduce costs and maximize logistics performance. Our real-time tracking and monitoring tools help you stay informed and in control of your logistics operations and team.خدمة العملاء لدينا متاح دائمًا لمساعدتك على طول الطريق ٫

With our innovative platform and comprehensive services, you can be assured of your logistics needs.

– 24/7 customer support
Delivery services upon receipt
– Track parcels in real time
– Automatic scheduling
– Notifications in real time
– Secure payment processing
Online order management
Multiple delivery options
Customizable shipping and delivery options
Cost effective logistics solutions
Comprehensive documents and reports
– Proactive problem solving and troubleshooting
Comprehensive security measures
– Automated track improvement
– Automated billing and payment processing
– Customizable Service Level Agreements
Automated dispute resolution

Safe and reliable delivery network
– Advanced tracking technology to monitor shipments
– Access to the mobile app for easy tracking
Cost effective solutions for large scale shipments
Door-to-door shipment delivery
International delivery options
Customizable delivery options
– Automated invoice processing
Multi-channel delivery options.

– Real-time Tracking Easily track your shipments in real-time with GO TEX’s advanced tracking system.

GOTEX delivers your goods on time and accurately.

Rigorous quality assurance process to ensure your goods are delivered in perfect condition.

GO TEX offers cost effective solutions tailored to your unique needs.

GO TEX can customize your packaging to meet your exact requirements.

GO TEX will store your goods in multiple locations for easy access and convenience

GO TEX customer service representatives are available 24/7 to provide assistance.

E-marketing services

To help you reach your target audience quickly and effectively, using our comprehensive suite of tools, you can create, launch and manage campaigns that drive leads and converts.
You can choose from a variety of options including email marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. In addition, our advanced analytics and reporting capabilities help you measure the success of your campaigns and make informed decisions, so wait no more! Go Tex and start communicating with your customers today!

GOTEX offers comprehensive digital marketing strategies to help companies reach their target audience and increase potential sales.
Along with email marketing, GOTEX offers automated email campaigns to retain customers.
Keeping abreast of the company and communicating with them Analytics and preparing reports GOTEX provides comprehensive analyzes and reports to help companies track
The effectiveness of their e-marketing campaigns Personal services Go-tex offers customized services tailored to meet the needs ٫

Gotex allows you to automate your email marketing campaigns effortlessly and customizable templates Gotex offers customizable email templates so that you can create visually appealing branded messages that resonate with your target audience Automated (A/B) testing
Click-through rates, bounce rates, and more. Mobile optimization included improved
Your mobile email campaigns so your contacts can view them.

Gotex allows you to easily scale up or down your email marketing services to meet the changing needs of your business Automated email campaigns Jotex provides automated email campaigns that send pre-scheduled messages to your clients Customizable templates Jotex offers customizable email templates that can be easily customized to your brand Comprehensive reporting Jotex provides reports and comprehensive analytics to help you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns Segmentation and targeting GOTEX allows you to segment and target your customers based on their demographics and interests Test
A/B Gotex provides A/B testing capabilities to help you optimize your campaigns Social Media Integration Gotex integrates with popular social media platforms for you.

Information technology

The ultimate online platform designed to help you stay ahead of the competition! GOTEX gives you the power to easily manage your IT services, allowing you to save time and money while staying connected. With GOTEX, you can access a wide range of IT services, including cloud-based services, web hosting, remote access, and more. With its intuitive interface and powerful tools, GOTEX makes it easy to stay connected and get the most out of your IT services. Get up and running quickly with GOTEX and take control of your IT services today

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The leading online platform for all your shipping needs. Gotex consolidates several shipping companies into one platform, Allowing customers to quickly compare prices and estimates, and streamlining the shipping process. Get the best prices and fast delivery, all in one click. Try Gotex today

Gotex features

1. An automated system for booking and tracking shipments
2. A wide range of shipping companies 3. Notifications and real-time updates on shipment status
4. Online quotations for shipping services
5. Integration with existing e-commerce systems
6. Customer friendly interface
7. Automated billing and payment processing
8. Customizable customer service notifications
9. Support international shipping requirements
10. Comprehensive reports and analysis

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Frequently asked questions

It is a company that connects shipping companies with online stores, companies and institutions.

No subscription is required, just registering on the website is considered a subscription

There are no fees or obligations on the store

Every shipping company has a system for delegates
• Aramex and SMSA 5 shipments
• Single shipment homer
• Anywhere 3 shipments

Bags are provided only and are by request from the program.

By uploading an email or calling the company or from the site

Shipping companies compensate the damaged

It usually takes 2-5 days and may take a little longer depending on the cities and villages

Password must be in English and contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols (!@#$%^&*)

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